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South of the mountains and stretching to the southern sea, Solevon is a prosperous region which has been dominated by humans for as long as history has been recorded. Within this area, however, isolated communities of nonhumans exist, and particularly in the cities, nonhumans live side-by side with mankind.

Most prominent in the region are the six kingdoms, which together comprise over about two-thirds of Solevon. Though they share much in common in terms of language, shared culture, religion and customs, each of the six monarchs is a sovereign ruler over his domain; disputes between kingdoms do fairly often come to armed conflict when they can’t be mediated by representatives of the faith, Free Orders or other neutral parties. Most recently, the Crofters’ War drew every Solevsi kingdom into conflict in some form or another, and no part of the region was left untouched by the devastation a war can bring.

The continent is divided in two, east to west, by a vast mountain range known as the Titans, home to the continent’s clans of mountain dwarves. The southern portion is home to four of the continent’s six kingdoms, as well as the majority of the world’s halflings and humans. North of the Titans, the east and west coasts are home to the two smaller kingdoms, separated by vast, dense, impenetrable woods. Somewhere in that deep wood is the high elven city of Adhetu, though its location is on no map. Sharing the wood with the high elves are their wild cousins as well as innumerable creatures resulting from the suffusion of fey essence into nature. These northern reaches are also home to a number of settlements of orcs and other goblinoid creatures, many of them castoffs from the far northern continent of Kandark. These settlements rarely last long enough to be mapped out, as the goblins populating them either move on in search of better plunder or are fought back by elves or humans.


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